Andrew Ross was raised in the mountains of Asheville, NC. He received his first acoustic guitar and lessons from Sister Patricia Ann Pepitone at age 13. Andrew attributes most of his musical success to this guitar playing nun.

Andrew holds a BFA in Music Theatre from Catawba College in Salisbury, NC. He has since performed in numerous theatrical performances across the country and has played in many bands ranging from bluegrass to metal.

In 2007, Andrew was asked to join the multi-platinum arena rock band, Trans-Siberian Orchestra. He has been a featured vocalist and instrumentalist with the band ever since.

Andrew currently resides in Queens, NY where he is involved with several music projects. He is the lead singer and co-founding member of the classic/prog metal band, Daredevil Squadron. He also joined forces with his favorite female vocalist of all time, Chloe Lowery to form the genre shifting band, Chameleon. Andrew has also recorded an autobiographical concept ep "The Letter" featuring and produced by Aurelien Budyneck.

To see Andrew live with TSO, Chameleon, and or Daredevil Squadron, check tour dates for more info.



The Letter

by Andrew M Ross
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Metal. Hard Rock. Power Metal. Progressive. Categorize them any way you want, this band rocks with a vengeance and won’t quit until they’ve shown the world what a five-man band can do. Armed with some of the finest songs written in this or any genre, the Squadron combines virtuosity with finesse in order to create an emotional impact on the listener unrivaled by their contemporaries. Substantive and relatable lyrics that draw you in and captivate you. Memorable melodies and rhythmic hooks that stick in your head for days. The sound of rock music as it was meant to be played, loud and unadorned. The members of the DDS are all at the top of their game. Andrew Ross is a singer who has the raw intensity of a young Paul Di’Anno with more range and control. Guitarists Angus Clark and Aurelien Budynek play in lockstep with each other, whether it be on rhythm parts or hyper-speed lead lines. With differing yet complimentary solo styles, this is a guitar duo that will stand up against Tipton and Downing, or Li and Totman. Bassist Winston Roye and drummer Jason Gianni hold it all together, keeping the groove even in the oddest of time signatures.

It was in the Back Lounge of a tour bus (with an early Iron Maiden concert DVD playing in the background) that Angus, Andrew and Chris first discussed the future of the Next New Wave of British-Inspired American Heavy Metal or simply, NNWOBIAHM

The pilots:
Lead Vocals – Andrew Ross (call sign: Awesome Wolf)
Guitar – Angus Clark (call sign: Rogue)
Guitar – Aurelien Budynek (call sign: Bordeaux Bandit)
Bass – Winston Roye (call sign: Merlin )
Drums – Jason Gianni (call sign: El Torino)

Daredevil is currently finishing their follow up release, "Breakneck Speed" coming 2017. 



For more info:

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We are Chameleon.  After several mix tapes, long conversations, and a combined opportunist drive to make music that was fresh and imaginative, Chameleon was born.  These two friends, Chloe Lowery and Andrew Ross developed Chameleon in 2011 and have evolved into its namesake creating a sound that molds varying genres while keeping its catchy guitar riffs and powerhouse vocals as the forward markings of this band.

Chameleon was formed after successful solo collaborations with bands and artists like Trans Siberian Orchestra, Big Brother and the Holding Company, Everclear, Chris Botti, Yanni, and more.  Their diverse backgrounds and influences have been the guiding force when developing their sound.  The band has continued to evolve with the addition of Aurelien Budynek (guitar), Gabe Marshall (drums), and Georgios Pesios (bass and keys) as permanent band members.

Solely conceptualized under their joint production company, Center of the Universe Studios in Queens, NY, Chameleon has released two EP’s to critical acclaim.   Something in the Water was released in March of 2013 and their latest, The Monster EP, was released late 2013.  The Monster EP is home to their recent singles, Anthem and Stay Wait and was featured in Under the Radar’s Magazine January 2014 Digital Sampler.  Due to their joint venture with Tinderbox Music, The Monster EP has charted on most CMJ and Top Album charts on college radio stations nationwide.  Music videos for both featured singles have gone viral and been played on several major media outlets like Pulse TV and Buzznet.

Chameleon has gained a following in their home of NYC playing the local scene regularly, rocking SXSW, and opening for platinum selling artists. (POP EVIL, Three Days Grace etc...)

On 7/15/16, Chameleon released their first installment of the Black and White series, BLACK | PART ONE. Available NOW via all online music outlets and streaming services. The EP features the singles, STEREO and UP THERE. They debuted their music video for Up There shortly after the release.

Vocals, Keys/ Chloe Lowery
Guitar, Acoustic Guitar / Andrew Ross
Lead Guitar, Electric Guitar / Aurelien Budyenk
Bass / Georgios Pesios
Drums / Gabe Marshall

"Also, Chloe Lowery, the singer for Trans-Siberian Orchestra, she has her own band called Chameleon. When I heard her live I turned to John [from Sevendust] and we both had that jaw-dropped look, we were in awe of the power in her voice.”

Mark Tremonti (Creed, Alter Bridge Boxx Magazine)

 "There’s something about the vocal of Chloe Lowery that is so refreshingly believable; nothing contrived here. When a group manages to remind us that music is after all an art form, that’s something special. There are somber and tranquil moments with emotionally strained vocals, epic power ballad choruses, and basically something for everyone. This group is truly something special, and we’re proud they hail from New York City."

 Jeff Lanier, Label Recruit (Jul 04, 2014)

 "An expansive, ambitious collection of artistic musings and gripping melody, Chameleon’s sophomore outing raises the bar for their ever-emboldened musical expressionism."

 Mark Uricheck, ALBUM REVIEW: Chameleon unleashes a ‘Monster’

"I always feel like its easy to generalize a band, but it is impossible to do that with Chameleon. One song makes me want to rock the next makes me want to cry. That’s impressive in a world that serves us mostly cookie cutter bands "

Keith Lovett, SoundCrave Magazine

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White | Movement One

by Chameleon

Black | Part One

by Chameleon

Instagram | @andrewmross


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